About Uglii

Uglii Introduction Video

Uglii Introduction Video

  • The word Uglii stands for Unique Geographic Listing for Industry and it will change the way every business in every country does business.
  • Uglii enables all businesses and consumers to search for businesses products and services using the powerful Uglii Find mapping based search system.
  • Uglii is totally focused on doing business and it believes that every business in the world, no matter how large or small should have basic online discovery for Free.
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Uglii Systems

The six Uglii systems are:

  • Uglii Find - Business directory and credentialing services.
  • Uglii Brands - Product, service and brand directory and credentialing services.
  • Uglii Spatial Marketplaces - Business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) marketplace services.
  • Uglii Classifieds - Classified advertising services.
  • Uglii Site Cadet - Website building and enhancing services.

Register Now - it's FREE

It only takes around 15 minutes to register your business and it's FREE.

To register you will need to provide enough information to verify the identity and location of your business. This is important as it delivers Uglii users the confidence that they are dealing with legitimate businesses.

Early is Better in Uglii
  • As an early adopter of Uglii you will benefit from immediate visibility and the recognition that comes from having a low Uglii Global Business Registration Number.
  • Brand owning business will benefit from higher positioning in search results - a position that you can keep for as long as you pay the tiny annual fee.

Click on the Register button in the Uglii menu to register your business.